Creating a Viewing Room

There are three different ways of creating a Viewing Room:

  • Artworks > List > Select the artworks that are part of your Viewing Room > Tools > Create Showroom
  • Artworks > Showrooms > New
  • Exhibitions > Select the exhibition for your Viewing Room > Summary tab > Create Showroom. Check more details in this link

Once in 'New showroom', complete the fields with the information related to your Viewing Room. Remember that fields with a red asterisk are mandatory. Lastly, click on 'New Showroom' to save it.*

*Tip: select the option 'Show ID' in ' Editing a Viewing Room' when you share multiple artworks that have no title. This way, the inventory number will appear associated with each artwork, allowing you to identify them easily.
Configuration options
  1. Enter the data in the system's native language. Remember that once it's saved, you will be able to set up the showroom in different languages
  2. Select a theme
  3. Fill the form with the information of upper and bottom texts
  4. Select the different configuration options:
  5. Lastly, set up the configuration of the artworks to be shown:
How many Viewing Rooms can I create?

You can create as many Viewing Rooms as you want, there is no limit. Viewing Rooms are included in all our plans.

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