Selling artworks through a Viewing Room

  1. Under 'Showrooms', go to 'New' or 'Edit showroom'
  2. In the field 'Online purchase', choose the option 'Yes'. You can also enable the option 'Reservation with online payment', setting a minimum payment percentage*
  3. Remember to enable the 'Show prices' option in the 'Artwork setup' section to allow the purchase or reservation option
  4. When a collector makes a purchase or reservation, your artwork's status will automatically change to 'Sold' or 'Reserved', as applicable. On top of that, a new sale will be recorded under the 'Sales' module
  5. You will receive an email to the email address which is linked to your ITGallery account, letting you know about the new transaction as well as the collector's data
  6. Lastly, generate a payment link associated with the new sale/reservation and share it with the person concerned. Remember to add taxes or any other additional charge.

* To be able to sell and reserve from a showroom, you must integrate your ITGallery account with  Stripe .

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