Creating documents

Export to PDF/Word
Print labels
Certificate of authenticity and delivery note
Documents customization

Export to PDF/Word

Type of exportable documents:
  1. Fact sheet: visual document in which an artwork is presented per page with its most relevant information: image(s), artist, title, year, technique, dimension units, prices optional)and notes. Also known as 'Artwork dossier'*
  2. List: document in which artworks are presented in a list form (max. 5 artworks/page) with its most relevant information: image (s), artist, title, year, technique, dimension units, prices (optional) and notes*
  3. Table: document in which artworks are presented in a table form (with or without images) with their most relevant information: ID, artist, title, technique, year, dimension units, status and location (optional) and notes**
*Remember that for the notes associated with the artwork to appear, you need to complete the field 'PDF notes' in the artwork file.
**Tip: use it when you want to get price lists or keep track of your inventory.
How can I export documents of my artworks?

Artworks > List > Select the artwork/artworks /by clicking on the white box) > Export > Export to PDF/Word

Can I choose my artworks' order of appearance in my exportable documents?

Yes. For doing so under the artworks list, select and drag the artworks with your mouse until you get the desired result. The way how you order them will be the one adopted by the generated documents.

Print labels

ITGallery allows you to easily create and print the labels of those artworks you want to.

For doing so:

  1. Under the 'Artworks' module, in 'List', select the artwork or artworks whose labels you want to print (by checking the white boxes)
  2. Click on the 'Export' button, located in the upper right corner of the screen and select 'Print labels'
  3. Fill the form with the information regarding the labels
    • Choose from the following list of sizes:

      -  APLI-01279 (2x4 I 105x74mm)

      -  APLI-01287 (2x8 I 105x35mm)

      -  APLI-01795 (2x7 I 105x42.4mm)

      -  AVERY 5163 (2x5)

      -  AVERY 5660 (1"x2-5/8")

      -  AVERY 3652 (70mm x 42.3mm)

      -  AVERY 3474 (3x8 I 70mm x 37mm)
    • If it is an artwork with editions, you can select the ones you want
  4. Lastly, click on 'Print' for generating the PDF document.*

* T ip: select the ' Show QR code ' option to share information about artwork with your audience instantly, or to identify more easily the packed works when making a shipment or when they are received in the gallery.

Certificate of authenticity and delivery note

ITGallery allows you to generate and print in just a few clicks the artworks' certificates of authenticity as well as their delivery notes.

For doing so: Artworks > List > Select artwork(s)(checking the white box) > Export > Certificate of authenticity/Delivery note

Documents customization

ITGallery offers you the possibility of customizing those documents you want, generated by the system. By default, every document generated by the system will include your logo; with the customization, you can choose fonts, size of letters and images, layout, etc.

It is an additional service, typical of the 'Premium' and 'Professional' licenses with extra cost, and included in our 'Unlimited' license.

If you want to contract this service and learn more about its prices, contact our Support team for an evaluation at

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