Artwork's inventory ID

The ID is a mandatory field associated with the artwork that helps to identify and classify our inventory. For creating the ID a common practice is to use both the artists' initials and consecutive numbers. 

What is the ID for?
  • It identifies the artwork, with a unique combination and differentiating from the others. It is quite a useful category when doing advanced searches among our inventory.
  • If you have a lot of 'Untitled' artworks in your inventory, the ID will help you identify a specific artwork.
How do I create the artwork's ID?

You can use different nomenclatures to define the use of the Inventory ID.

ITGallery brings you two automatized options for doing so:

  • ID associated with the artist - For doing so, when creating an artist you may have to give him/her a prefix: Artists > Create/edit artist > Prefix Number > New artist/Save artist data
  • Numeric ID - If you prefer to have a numeric ID, independent from the authorship of the work, you can choose to leave the 'prefix' field within each artist empty; by doing so the system will suggest a consecutive numeric ID associated with each new artwork entered in the system

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