Introduction to Mailing module

What is Sendy?
How can I access Sendy?
Sendy interface
Mailing settings

What is Sendy?

ITGallery is integrated with Sendy, a tool to send email campaigns to our contacts.

From this module, we can manage our email marketing campaigns, our subscriber lists, as well as reports of the sent campaigns.

How can I access Sendy?

You can access the mailing module through your ITGallery account by clicking on the 'Mailing' module at the bottom of the left menu.

The first time you try to access the mailing module, the system will display the following message: ''It has not been possible to access the mailing module, your account is not configured. Please contact for more information.''

This is because the first step to use this module is to activate the mailing. You can check the details on how to activate mailing in this link.

Sendy interface

It's divided into three main areas:

  1. Navigation menu: located on the left side of the interface, it allows us to move between the different options:
    1. Campaigns
    2. Templates
    3. Subscriber lists
    4. Reports
  2. Content zone: located in the central area of the interface, it shows the information related to our navigation of the side menu
  3. Configuration menu: located at the top right of the screen, it offers the configuration options and the link to exit and return to your ITGallery account

Mailing settings

To access the configuration, we must go to the menu located in the upper right part of the screen.

  1. By clicking on the name of our gallery, it will appear the settings button
  2. At the content zone, it will display the setting options
  3. Here, we can edit our email sending preferences: from the name, reply address, etc.
  4. We can also change the time zone, the interface language, the name of the gallery, etc.
  5. Being integrated with ITGallery, the change of email and password will not affect the access to the application; the access has to be done directly from your ITGallery account, by clicking in the module "Mailing" at your sidebar.

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