Creating or editing a campaign

A campaign is a message that is shared via email to a specific audience.

To create a campaign from Sendy, we have two options: build it from scratch in the editor or import an externally created template, you can check the steps on this second option in the following link.

Create a campaign
Edit a campaign
Duplicate a campaign
Send a campaign

Create a campaign

  1. Under the navigation zone, on the left-hand side, select 'Campaigns' from the menu
  2. Select 'New Campaign'.

Edit a campaign

Customization options for your campaigns

Basic options:
  • Subject: is the title of the campaign and it will be the first thing your contacts will see along with the sender
  • From name: this will be the sender's name visible to your contacts in their inbox
  • From email: the email address that will send the email. It can not be edited; for security reasons and to avoid spam filters, it will always be
  • Reply to email: this will be the response email, it can be different from the one you select in the 'Sender' if you wish. It is very convenient if you want the responses into a more general email or other departments
  • Plain text: the plain text of a campaign is one of the key elements of best practices for creating successful newsletters. It is a tool that works when the subscribers' email is not able to view the HTML code of a newsletter correctly. The content to include in this section is, therefore, that informative part of our original campaign in text format
  • Attachments: Here, you can include any necessary attachment to your campaign in format .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf o .zip.*
  • Track opens: by enabling this option, you will be able to check the openings of your campaign later.
  • Track clicks: by enabling this option, you will be able to check later the activity of your subscribers regarding the links contained in your campaign.
* Tip: for attachments above 2,5 MB, we recommend not using this option and including a link instead. You can consult more about this recommendation  in this link .
Text style:

The WYSIWYG editor lets you change text colour, highlight, bold, italics, strikethrough, header type, indentation and alignment.

Can I add my own typography or other advanced options?

The WYSIWYG editor covers the essential aspects related to text style, for anything more advanced, you need to edit or write your own HTML code.

Therefore, the only way to add other fonts is to do it directly from the HTML code of the newsletter. However, this is not a recommended practice because there are email clients that only read standard fonts (Arial, Verdana, etc.) that may not receive the information correctly with a font change.

Insert images
  1. Within the content editor, select the image icon
  2. A modal window will appear with the image configuration options
  3. Place the cursor on the 'Upload' tab located at the right-hand side
  4. From the 'Select file' tool choose the image
  5. Activate the option 'Send to server'
  6. Once done step 5, you will come back to window 'Image properties' where you can adjust the alignments, width, height; border, horizontal space and vertical space
  7. Lastly, at the 'Link' tab, you can include a link attached to the image and a destination that refers to the way to open that hyperlink for recipients
  8. Remember to press 'Accept' once finished all the steps.

Insert links
  1. Select the word or phrases associated with the hyperlink
  2. Select the type of link: URL or email
  3. If selected URL, indicate the address by entering the data in the 'URL' field
  4. Select a destination for when the recipients open the link
  5. Remember to press 'Accept' once finished all the steps.

Duplicate a campaign to use it again

If you need to send a campaign based on an existing one, you can duplicate it instead of configuring one from scratch.

For doing so:

  1. Select campaigns in the navigation menu on the left-hand side
  2. Select the 'Duplicate' button located at the right of the campaign list
  3. Edit the campaign according to your needs and configure the steps to send your newsletter.

Send a campaign

Once your campaign is created we can send our newsletter, for this we will press 'Save & next' to continue to the delivery details. Check more about how to send in this post.

You can also save the campaign and later continue with its configuration.

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