Managing subscribers lists

Distribution lists are emails grouped according to a specific topic: artists, collectors, etc. They are used to sending selective email campaigns, for instance, a press release will be sent only to the "Press" list, but an invitation to a new exhibition will be sent to all our contacts.

When you enter the list section for the first time, you will notice that there are already pre-configured lists. These are default lists connected to ITGallery contacts; every time we save a contact and activate the 'save for mailing' option at our ITGallery account the contacts are synchronized to the mailing lists that match their type.

To access your subscriber lists select the option 'View all lists' from the navigation menu on the left.

What is the difference between list subscribers and the contacts of my ITGallery account?
Creating a customized list
Edit subscriber details
List settings
Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between list subscribers and the contacts of my ITGallery account?

The contacts that you register in your ITGallery account do not necessarily have to match your subscriber lists.

  • A contact is any person or business whose information is relevant, and you want to have access to from your ITGallery account.
  • A subscriber is any person or company that receives your emails, that is part of a general audience, and whose more specific contact or personal information is not so relevant to your business.

Synchronization of contacts with a mailing list

Each time we register a contact in ITGallery, we have the option to save that contact into our mailing. When this option is activated, the contact will be saved as a subscriber in all those categories of assigned contacts.

For example:

  1. Register the contact Maria Pepper
  2. Give her the 'Type of contact' 'Public' and 'VIP'
  3. Now Maria email is synchronized with my mailing list under the subscriber list 'Public' and 'VIP.

Creating a customized list

In addition to categories contacts lists, you can create lists of subscribers with any criteria needed.

  1. Access the ITGallery mailing module and from the navigation menu, select 'View all lists'
  2. Select 'Add a new list', under the white button at the top left
  3. Put a name to your list under the field 'Name' and select 'Add'
  4. Upload the file (in CSV format) that contains the list of your contacts with their name and email*
  5. If your subscribers are located at countries part of the European Union, select the 'Apply GDPR' box (the yellow button), to apply the Data Protection Law of all European subscribers
  6. Lastly, select 'Import' to finish the process.

*Tip: use ITGallery's ' Export contacts for mailing' tool to easily obtain the file by selecting the needed contacts that you already have registered in your account.

Edit subscriber details

You can access a subscriber data and edit any necessary field

  1. Access the subscriber file by clicking on their name or email in the list
  2. A modal window will open
  3. Then click on anything you want to edit, for instance, name, email or any custom fields you've previously set up for the list.

List settings

You can adjust certain criteria on your lists individually to each one.

  1. Access the list to manage by double-click under the name of the list
  2. Access the submenu 'List settings' on the right of the content area 
  3. Adjust any necessary detail.

Frequently asked questions

How can I manage unsubscriptions?

A subscriber unsubscribes themselves from one list, does it automatically remove themselves from all my lists?

By default, when a user unsubscribes from a campaign, they will be unsubscribed from all lists they belong to. If you want to change this, you can change it to ‘Only this list’ in the list settings, under ‘Unsubscribe settings’.

How can I get a contact subscribed again?
  1. From the general list of subscribers, search the unsubscribed contact in the search engine located at the top right
  2. It will appear the contact file accompanied by a status. From the list, click on the "tick" to resubscribe it again.
  3. Lastly, if the subscriber is part of your ITGallery contacts, check the ITGallery contacts module to verify that the option 'save for email' is marked now.

How can I remove a contact from a mailing list?
  1. From the general list of subscribers, find the contact you want to delete
  2. When you do this, the contact information will appear: on the right, you will see his/her status ("Subscribed" or "Unsubscribed") and a check next to it to unsubscribe him/her. You have to click on it and the contact will be deleted
  3. Finally, if the contact is part of your ITGallery contact list, make sure that under the contact's file the option 'Save for mailing' is not checked.

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