Using templates

Create a template
Import a template from other mailing systems
Use my created templates

Create a template

Creating a template is just as easy as creating your first campaign, to do so, you must follow the same steps, but accessing the 'Templates' menu from the navigation menu.

Once created, we can view our templates before selecting one by clicking on the eye-shaped icon in the 'Preview' column

Import a template

1) Import a template from other mailing systems

To be able to import newsletter templates from other mailing systems on the market, it is necessary to convert this template to HTML format or URL and then use the designated buttons when creating a new campaign of the ITGallery mailing module. You can consult how to export the HTML code of Mailchimp in this article.

Remember that once your template is imported, it is necessary to replace the pre-existing links of your template. To do so, check below in this same article under the title 'Replace the link “Unsubscribe from the newsletter” (unsubscribe):' and 'Replace the links of social networks'.

2) Import a template from HTML

  1. Create a template at your usual emailing platform
  2. Export the template as HTML and save the code on a file at your computer
  3. Open the HTML code exported with a plain text editor (Notepad for Windows, TextWrangler o Coda for Mac). Select and copy all the HTML code

  4. Access the mailing module, go to 'All templates' and click on 'Create a new template'
  5. Once inside, give a name to your new template
  6. Click on 'HTML Source' to access the code of the template. Delete all the preexisting code and replace it with the code previously saved and copied.

Replace the 'unsubscribe' link:
  1. From the editor view, place search for the 'unsubscribed from this list' button; it is typically located at the bottom of the newsletter
  2. Once identified select all the text and click on the 'link' button at our editor, that is the chain shape icon
  3. A modal window will appear where we will be able to put the info of the link. Write [unsubscribe] under the URL field to register the unsubscribe action. Then, under the 'Protocol' field, select 'other'
  4. To register the changes, click on the green button that indicates 'accept'.
Replacing social network links:
  1. After importing a template from an outside platform, we must check all existing links at our newsletter; for doing so: select the text with the link and use the 'link' button, that is the previously mentioned chain shape icon
  2. Under the 'URL' field, we can see the input link. If the field is empty, we can add any necessary link
  3. If the link is an image instead of text double-click on it to open the modal window.
Replacing titles:

By default, some external platforms, as Mailchimp leaves some titles like “MC_PREVIEW_TEXT” or “MC: SUBJECT” that need to be replaced for our own titles

  1. Under the HTML code view (access it by pressing the button 'HTML source'), search the code that includes the letters "MC" to see all the titles that need to be replaced.
  2. To search text, you can use Command+Fin Mac or CTRL+F in Window once inside the HTML Editor
  3. Once detected the titles, replace them for the text you want as a title.

Used my created templates

After you've created a template when you create a new campaign, you have the option to load that template into the new campaign you create, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

There are two ways to use a template you've previously created:

Method 1:

Select the template before creating the campaign.

Method 2:

Select the template after creating the campaign.

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