Recording a sale

Recording a sale
Autocalculating the currency exchange
Discount per artwork vs Discount per sale
Recording the seller
Recording the sale's location

Remember that for recording a sale, you need to create the contact who makes the purchase previously.

  1. Under the 'Sales' module, in the list (you can also use the direct access form the Dashboard), click on the 'New' purple button that is located in the upper left part of the screen. If you prefer so, you can also record the sale from the artwork's file
  2. Select the currency in which you want to make the sale. You can also select the 'Autocalculate currency exchange' option to add artworks with different currencies
  3. Select the artwork you want to sell*, the price type and the edition
  4. You can add an individual discount to that specific artwork or apply a global discount in the purchase afterwards
  5. Click on '+ Add to sale'. You can add as many artworks as you want in the same sale
  6. Review the information of the added artworks such as 'Price' and 'Artist amount'**
  7. Fill the form with the information regarding the sale. Remember that fields accompanied by a red asterisk are mandatory
  8. Lastly, click on 'Save sale'.

* Tip: only available artworks will be displayed.
** Remember that this field may be previously completed when recording a new artwork under 'Artworks' module.

Autocalculating the currency exchange

Make use of the automatic currency exchange when you want to record a new sale in a different currency than the one in which you have saved the price of your artwork.

ITGallery obtains its exchange rates from a reliable third-party platform, used by thousands of commercial companies; in this way, the currency values are updated according to the official daily change every 60 minutes.

Discount per artwork vs Discount per sale

When recording a sale, ITGallery allows us to apply a discount per artwork sold, or to apply a discount to the total amount of the sale.
How to apply a discount per artwork?
Sales > New > State the currency (in 'Sale currency') > State the discount (in 'Select the artworks') > '+Add to sale'
How to apply a discount per sale?

Sales > New > State the currency (in 'Sale currency') > Select artworks (in 'Select the works') > '+Add to sale' > Add discount (in 'Save sale') > Save sale

Recording the seller

ITGallery allows you to record who has made a sale.
  • To do this, you must first have your team members recorded in the 'Contacts' module
  • Once the sale information has been added, state the seller by selecting a contact in the 'Seller' field*
*Tip: use this field when performing 'Advanced Searches' to generate reports regarding your team's commercial results.

Recording the sale's location

You can use the 'Location' field within the 'Sales' module, when your gallery has several locations and you want to keep track of the sales made in each of the locations or to differentiate information about where your sales take place, such as art fairs and events.

You can choose between the different locations previously recorded into the system or enter a new location; to do this, enter the location name and press 'enter'.*

*You can previously record your locations in the system so that later it will suggest them to you. To do this: My Gallery > Configuration > Sales Locations > + Add location

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