Status change


One of the alternatives that exist to record an artwork's sale in the system is to do it from the artwork's file itself, within the 'Actions' tab. For doing so:

  1. Go into the 'Actions' tab from the artwork's file and click on the 'Sell' submenu on the left
  2. Fill in the information regarding the sale data of the artwork. You can select as many editions as you want to add to the sale. Remember that the fields with a red asterisk are mandatory
  3. Finally, click on 'Sell artwork'. This way, the artwork's status will automatically change to 'Sold', and a new record will be generated within the 'Sales' module.

*Tip: to record the sale of more than one artwork, we recommend doing it through the 'Sales' module; thus, you will make a single record.

Status change

Make use the 'Status change' submenu within the 'Actions' tab on the artwork's file to change its status. For doing so:

  1. Go into the 'Actions' tab from the artwork's file and click on the 'Status change' submenu on the left
  2. Select the edition(s) of the artwork whose status you want to change (even if it is a unique work)*
  3. Choose the new status from the drop-down menu
  4. You can add additional data such as the date of the status change and a description.
* Tip: use the 'Status change' submenu whenever you want to change the status of an artwork's editions.


In the artwork's file, within the 'Actions' tab, you will be able to access its statuses, prices and locations history; that is to say, records of the changes in time of the status, price and location of the artwork.

For doing so: 'Artwork's file' > 'Actions' tab > 'Status history'/'Prices history'/'Locations history'.

Inside each history, you will see the date in which the change took place, the artwork's or edition's ID, the action done, the new and old value of that field, and the user that did the modification.*

* Remember that by default, the records appear according to the order in which they have been made; in this way, you will see the most recent changes first. However, remember that you can sort them according to your preferred criteria by clicking on the horizontal arrows.

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