The Dashboard is the home page that we find when accessing the system. It informs us, at a glance, of the global situation of the collection management.

It is divided into three fundamental parts:
  • Status of the collection: in this part we find six blocks, or shortcuts, that inform us of the figures related to the modules of artists, artworks, exhibitions, sales, contacts and clients.
  • Recent Activity and Calendar
    • Calendar: synchronized with the rest of the modules, shows key dates such as loans, exhibitions or sales. You can also use it as an organizing tool: enter your events and make them private or share them with the rest of the gallery team.

      How can I make an event private?
      1. Inside the 'Dashboard', in 'Calendar', click on the 'Add Event' button
      2. Fill the form with the information you want. Remember that the fields with a red asterisk are mandatory
      3. Finally, check the 'Private' box and click on 'Create Event'
    • Recent activity: two tabs that inform us of the latest updates that have taken place in the history of artworks and in your contacts.
  • Graphics
    • Distribution of artworks by type: this graph visually informs us of the state in which our artworks are distributed according to their typology (painting, sculpture, photography, artwork on paper, etc.).
    • Sales of the year: this graph informs us of the moment of the year and the total amount of sales made, depending on the type of artwork.

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