Difference between artworks list, archived artworks, sets and locations

  • List: it offers a global vision of all collection artworks.
  • Archived artworks: it offers an alternative list, where recording all those artworks that are not used on a daily base. Archived artworks will not appear under a search made in the list.
  • Sets: it allows to create groups of artworks under specific criteria. It can be used to group by themes, price ranges or any other criteria you may need.*
  • Locations: it allows you to see all the locations you work with and where your artworks are placed. Furthermore, every location offers additional information such a description, its responsible and its address.
  • *Tip: make use of ' Sets' to create "files", where organizing your artworks; for instance, before arranging an exhibition, create a set and move there every artwork that might be part of that new exhibition.

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