'Collections' constitutes a submenu within the 'Artworks' module. It allows you to create groups of works under the same criteria. It can be used to group by themes, price ranges or any other criteria you need. *

* Tip: use 'Collections' to create folders in which to organize your works; For example, when organizing an exhibition, create a portfolio and enter all the artworks that could be part of it.
How do I create a set?
  1. In the 'Artworks' module, within 'List' (both in 'list' and 'grid' mode), select the artworks that you want to save in a set, checking the corresponding white boxes
  2. In the 'Tools' button in the upper right corner, click on 'Create set' *
  3. Fill the form with the information regarding the set and finally click 'Save'.
* Remember that you also have the option 'Add to set' if you have previously created a collection/collections of which you want it to be part.

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