Archived artworks

'Archived' constitutes a submenu within the 'Artworks' module. It offers you an alternative list in which to store those artworks that are not needed daily. Archived works will not appear as a search result in the 'List'.

How do I archive an artwork?
  1. In the 'Artworks' module, within 'List' (both in 'list' and 'grid' mode), select the artwork or artworks that you want to archive, checking the white box
  2. In the 'Tools' button located in the upper right corner, click 'Archive'
  3. Finally, click on 'Archive'.

How do I unarchive an artwork?

In the 'Artworks' module: Archived > Select the work or works (by checking the white boxes) > Tools > Unarchive > Unarchive

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