What is the 'Emails' module?

The 'Emails' module collects all the emails sent from your ITGallery user account.
You can use this module to manage communications with your contacts and check all the emails sent from both artworks and offers modules.
You can check the details of the email sent by clicking on the subject of the email and register new follow-ups related to the contact from the 'Follow-ups' tab accessible once you enter each email.

What is the difference between emails and mailing?

The email module collects emails from other system modules, such as offers and artworks, allowing you to send individual emails from your account without accessing your mail server. It is used to send information or sales proposals individually to each contact.
The mailing module allows you to create communication campaigns for your contacts. It is used to send a generic communication to all your contacts or lists segmented by interests or contact categories.

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