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Send via email

The 'Send via email' function allows you to share your artworks' information with your contacts via email instantly.

You can send the artwork's key information or create an offer and send it:

  • Send via email: Artworks > List > Select artwork/artworks (by clicking on the white box) > Export > Send via email
  • Send offer: Artworks > List > Select artwork/artworks (by clicking on the white box) > Export > Send offer*
*Remember that before sending the artwork or the offer, you can configure the sending by selecting and editing the parameters you need to. You might also edit the email before clicking on 'Send'.

Export to Excel

The function 'Export to Excel' allows you to generate in a few clicks an Excel-format document with all your artworks' registered information:

  • Export to Excel: Artworks > List > Select artwork/artworks (by clicking on the white box) > Export > Export to Excel
  • Export all to Excel: Artworks > List > Export > Export to Excel

Send to connected account

ITGallery allows you to easily share your artworks with other ITGallery users thanks to the 'Send to connected account' function.

This way, you will streamline your workflow, guaranteeing that every user has access to the same information.

How do connected accounts work?
  1. Under 'My Gallery' menu, go to the 'Connected accounts' tab
  2. Click on the 'Connect' button and select the email of the person you want to connect with
  3. When sending the invitation, the other person will receive an email with a link to accept it
  4. After login into his/her ITGallery account through the invitation link, both accounts will remain connected, and you will be able to send him/her all those artworks you want to
  5. Once both accounts are connected, for sharing artworks go to Artworks > List > Select the artworks (by clicking on the white boxes) > Export > Send to connected account. Choose the account you want to send the information to and select the information you want to share
  6. The recipient will get a notification, and the artworks will appear under his/her inbox (box icon located in the upper right part of the interface, besides the quick-search bar). The recipient will be able to add them to his/her inventory with just a click.*

* Tip: make use of connected accounts for:
  • Directly send the acquired artwork to your collector's inventory
  • Receive the artworks of your artists' next exhibition
  • Easily share information with other collaborating galleries

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