Setting an offer

Creating an offer
What is the succes rate of an offer?
What is the difference between the discount per artwork and the discount per offer?
  1. Under the 'Offers' module, click on the 'New' purple button located on the upper left part of the screen
  2. Fill the form with the information regarding the offer: first, select the currency; then select the artwork and its edition; finally, select the price and a discount if you wish
  3. Click on 'Add to offer'; you can repeat these steps to add as many artworks as you need to the offer
  4. Record the offer: fill in the form with the information you want and click on 'Set the offer'. Remember that fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory
  5. Lastly, remember that you can record an expiration date and check the 'Notify' box so that you will be notified of the expiration of the offers and thus keep track of them.*
*To create an offer is necessary to have previously created the contact to whom we send the offer.

Once created, the offer will appear under your 'Offers list'. By default, every new recorded offer will show as 'New' under offer status.

What is the success rate of an offer?

ITGallery allows you to associate a success rate with each offer so that you have an internal record of those offers that are more likely to be accepted.

It is a completely flexible field that will appear when creating a new offer.

Later, in the offers list, you can check at a glance the success rate associated with each offer.

What is the difference between the discount per artwork and the discount per offer?

An offer can include one or more artworks; therefore, when we send an offer it is important to decide whether the discount applies individually or to the total amount of the purchase.

  • Discount per artwork: a discount that is applied to the selected artwork, on the chosen price, before 'Add to offer'
  • Discount on offer: a discount that is applied to the total of the offer made, at the time of 'Set the offer'*
*Remember that this discount is independent of the discounts previously applied individually in the artworks.

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