Notification of the offer's expiration date

ITGallery allows you to record notifications associated with the offers' expiration dates.

Use the 'expiration date' notification to remind yourself when offers sent to your collectors come to an end and keep track of them.

These warnings will arrive as 'Notifications' to your ITGallery account. The 'Notifications' menu is located in the upper right part of the interface, with a bell icon.*

** Remember that an offer becomes expired, once the expiration date that you recorded when creating the offer has passed.*

How can I add a notification of the expiration date?

There are two ways to record a notification:

  • When creating a new offer: Offers > New > Expiration date> Notify > Set the offer
  • When editing an existing offer: Offers list > Select offer > Edit offer > Expiration date> Notify > Set the offer

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