'Movements' allows you to easily manage your artworks' movements: consignments, loans and purchases.

Record the movements of the artworks in your inventory and print or send the corresponding documents.

Create a loan
Add more artworks to a loan
Generate a loan document

Create a loan

There are two different ways for creating a loan:

  • 'Artworks' > List > Select all the artworks that will be part of the loan > 'Tools' > 'Create loan'*
  • 'Movements' > 'Loans' > 'New'
*Remember that you must select editions for those artworks with multiple editions once you are done selecting the artworks.

After adding the artworks or selecting the 'New' option, a modal window will appear to fill in other data about the loan.

General information

  • Reference - A flexible field to add a reference to our loan
  • From - Date from which the loan starts
  • Change location - By checking this box, a selector with the locations registered in the system will appear. You can also enter a new location by entering its name and then fill in the additional data from 'Locations'
  • Type - In or Out
  • To - End date of the loan

Consignor and consignee

These two fields are fed by the data entered in your account in the 'Artists', 'Contacts' and 'My gallery' modules.

When entering these details, you will enter the name of our artist, contact or the name of the gallery so that the form is filled out with the information contained into the system automatically. If any information is not complete or contains incorrect data, you can modify it manually.

Insurance information

Company, assured quantity and currency, insurance cost and currency.

Agreement information

  • Details - To state the reason of the loan.
  • Terms and conditions

Once you fill in the data, click on the 'Create' button located at the end of the form.*

*Remember that you can edit the data once created by clicking on the pencil-shaped icon from the loans list.

Add more artworks to a loan

Once the loan is created you can add more artworks to it, to do so:

  1. Within the loans list, access the file you want to modify by clicking on the reference
  2. In the 'Artworks' tab, use the search field to find the artworks you want to add
  3. Select the edition you want to add and click on the 'Add' button.

Generate a loan document

Once the loan is created, you can print a loan document that collects the information previously entered, as well as the fact sheet of the artworks.

  1. Within the loans list, access the record whose document you want to print by clicking on the reference of it
  2. Select the language of the document *
  3. Select the units of measurement of the artworks included in the loan
  4. Select PDF or Word
  5. Add the date of the document
  6. Check the information contained in all fields and modify if necessary
  7. Configure the visibility of the prices of the artworks included in the loan. You can choose whether to show prices or not, as well as the type of price, and the taxes applied to them
  8. Click on the print button, the document will be downloaded to your device.

*Remember that if there is no information in the selected language, the system will show, by default, the data of the available language.

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