Sending a campaign

Once a campaign has been created we can send our newsletter. Select 'Save & Next' on your campaign to continue with this step.

Sending a test campaign
Choose your recipients
Schedule a campaign
Cancel a campaign under 'Sending' status

Sending a test campaign

Before sending your campaign, we recommend you to send a test email. To do so, introduce a reception email and press the button 'test send this newsletter' located in the left area of the content area.

Choose your recipients

Select the lists that will receive your newsletter from the 'Define recipients' section.

You can select a list or several using the 'Ctrl ' (Windows) or 'command' keys on Mac.

What occurs if I select multiple lists that have duplicated contacts?

You can choose within all the lists you need without fear of sending duplicates.

Sendy will check if an email appears more than once in your selected lists when sending. If so, it will only send once to that email.

What is the 'exclude lists from this campaign' tool?

This function allows sending campaigns to a specific list excluding certain subscribers.

For instance:

  1. You have sent a campaign to your 'VIP' contacts with the preview of an opening exhibition
  2. Later, you are going to send another campaign with the ordinary opening to all the contacts of your 'Public' list
  3. Some contacts of your 'Public' list subscriber may be also part of your 'VIP' list
  4. To avoid that these contacts receive two different campaigns, we will use the tool 'Exclude lists from this campaign' excluding the 'VIP' list at our second campaign.

Schedule a campaign

Once our campaign has been designed and the mailing lists defined, we can select whether to send the campaign at the moment or schedule it for a specific day and time.

  1. Select 'Schedule this campaign' located below the black button 'Send this newsletter now'
  2. A modal window will appear, use the date, time and time zone picker to choose when to send it
  3. Once it has been scheduled, you will return to the menu 'All campaigns'. Now your campaign will show the status 'Scheduled'.
How can I visualize when it's going to be sent my campaign?

You can view the details entering your campaign categorized as 'Scheduled' or placing the mouse over the title from your campaigns menu.

Cancel a campaign under 'Sending' status

You can cancel a campaign in the sending process; however, keep in mind that messages that have already been sent cannot be reversed, as they have been delivered by mail services or network operators they will be out of Sendy's reach.

To delete a sending campaign, press the 'Delete' icon located to the right of the sending campaign.

If you need to cancel a sending campaign, because you need to modify any aspect of your campaign, you can duplicate the campaign before cancelling by pressing the 'Duplicate' button.

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