Selling or reserving artworks

Selling an artwork
What is the difference between sell and reserve?
How do I collect a payment by credit card?

Selling an artwork

ITGallery App also allows you to sell artworks instantly and accept credit card payments in any currency. To do this, you need to have previously set up Stripe in your account.

  1. Access the payment menu (card-shaped icon), which is first in the upper right corner of the App, select the artwork or artworks to sell and click on 'Next'
  2. Select the option 'Sell', choose the currency of the prices and the edition or editions of the artwork; then click on 'Next' and select the price type
  3. Import the buyer information from your 'Contacts' or fill in the details and click on 'Next'. The minimum data required in case of creating a new contact is 'name' and 'email'
  4. Decide whether or not to add taxes to the final value, do the same with the discounts and click on 'Next'
  5. Finally, select 'Sell'. Check that you have previously assigned a number to the invoice and that the option 'Credit card checkout' is activated. Only one payment per work can be accepted.*
*Why do some artworks disappear from the list when I want to sell through the App? When you want to make a sale/reservation through the App, only those artworks whose status is 'available' will be displayed.

What is the difference between 'sell' and 'reserve'?

  • 'Sell' is used when you are going to record a single purchase action by your collector. The client makes the payment at the moment and the work becomes 'sold' or 'not available'.
  • 'Reserve' is used when the collector does not make the purchase at the moment but reserves the work at a certain price for a limited period of time. In this way, the status of the work would become 'reserved'.

    The process is the same as for selling an artwork, but you also have to include a start date and an end date for the reservation time. You will also have to choose if it will be a 'reservation without checkout', that is, without the payment of a signal or if there will be a 'credit card checkout' or a 'cash checkout' (for which it is necessary to have set up Stripe).

    After making a reservation for an artwork with payment, under its ITGallery file, it will appear as "Reserved with payment".

    In addition, a temporary sale with status "Reserve paid" will be recorded. This sale can be seen from the sales list.

    If the collector decides to keep the work, we can formalize the sale from his file in ITGallery, by clicking on "Formalize sale".

How do I collect a payment by credit card?

In the sale process, once you have selected 'Credit card checkout', you will go to a new screen where you will complete the credit card information: number, expiration date and CVC. To record the payment, click on the "Complete purchase" button.

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