Collection display modes

Display modes
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Display modes

ITGallery App allows you to present your collection in a simple and elegant way wherever you are. To do this, select the display mode you prefer: list, grid or full screen.

  • List: your artworks will appear as a list where their key information is shown: artist, title, year, dimensions and technique.

    Steps: Artworks > Display icon (eye-shaped) > List icon (first one)

  • Grid: your artworks will appear on the screen organized in squares, where the image takes on more relevance. You will be able to see the name of the artist, the artwork's title and the year of creation. Scroll to move through them.

    Steps: Artworks > Display icon (eye-shaped) > Grid icon (second one)

  • Fullscreen: the image of your artworks will fill the screen. You can change artworks by sliding to view the next one in the list.*

    Pasos: Artworks > Display icon (eye-shaped) > Full screen icon (third one)

*Tip: make use of the 'grid' mode located in the upper right part of the 'full screen' mode for changing artworks easily.

Display options

For selecting and/or modifying the information fields of the artworks that you see under the 'Full screen' mode:
Settings > Preferences > Display Options**

**T ip: select the 'Resize the images to fill the views' under Settings for making your artworks' images fill the whole presentation area under 'list' and 'grid' modes.

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