Artworks' statuses and availability

Artwork Status

The 'artwork status' is a field that provides information about the situation of the artwork: available, reserved, being restored, sold, not available, etc. Statuses are associated with a specific colour for making easier its identification.*

There are two ways of checking an artwork status:

  • Under 'list' mode, in 'Status' field and under 'grid' mode, with the coloured dot that shows in the upper right corner of the image

  • Under artwork's file, inside the 'Summary' tab, go to 'Editions'

*Tip: go to 'Status History' for following up the evolution of your artwork status over time (Artwork's file > 'Actions' tab > 'Status history').
Artworks' statuses options
  1. For modifying the colour associated with an existing status: My Gallery > Configuration > Artworks status > Edit status > Save
  2. For adding customised statuses: My Gallery > Configuration > Artworks status > Add status


The availability field allows a more nuanced breakdown regarding your artworks in the sale process. For example, a piece may be under status: 'being restored', but still be available for sale.

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