Connected accounts

ITGallery allows you to share artworks with other system users through the function "Connected accounts", saving time on your workflow and helping avoid mistakes when transferring data. 

How to activate connected accounts


  1. Through the menu 'MyGallery', access the tab "Connected accounts."
  2. Click the 'Connect' button to send a connection request and introduce the user email.
  3. Al enviar la invitación, la persona recibirá un email con un enlace para aceptarla The user will receive an email to accept your request.
  4. Once the other user receives the connection and accesses his ITGallery account, both accounts will be connected. 

How do connected accounts work?

Puedes utilizar esta función tanto para enviar como recibir información. Por ejemplo: recibir las últimas obras de tus artistas o enviar información a Art Advisors con los que trabajes en el caso de una galería.

You can use this function to send or receive data from other accounts. For example, you can receive artwork information from your artists or send artwork data to an Art Advisor you work with, in the case of you being an Art Gallery.

Send artworks

Once the synchronization has been activated, you can share your artworks through the artwork list. To do so, access Artworks > List > Select artworks > Export > Send to a connected account.


Select the data to share: Editions and fact sheet information, and select if you would like to activate the availability or not. 

Selecting yes on the availability button will allow you to link the artwork status unilaterally. Changes will only affect when the owner of the origin of the data makes changes regarding availability on his ITGallery account. For example: if a gallery shares an artwork with an Art Advisor, it will only replicate the changes when the gallery changes its status. 

Once the information has been shared, the recipient will receive a notice, and the works will appear in their inbox (icon located at the top right of the interface, next to the quick search). 

This action is final, and it cannot be edited once submitted. 

Receive artworks

To accept artworks from other users, access your inbox in the upper right corner under the 'inbox' icon. An icon with a number will appear next to this mailbox when artworks are pending management.

You can preview the artworks before accepting them by clicking the eye icon in the actions column.


To import artwork to our inventory, individually select the cloud icon under the actions column or select them in bulk and activate the 'Import selected' option on the left side.

Once the works to be imported have been selected, we must choose a status, associate them with the artist's name in our inventory and assign them an inventory ID.


Other functions

Check information about shared artworks

Once the artworks have been shared we can consult the information about which user we have received from or sent it to, and if this user has accepted it in their inventory once it has been sent.

To access this information, activating the "Show shared works" column in the artworks list is necessary. You can access the configuration of the artworks lists from "My user > Configuration > Options of the list of works" and activate the option "Show shared works".

Once activated, it will appear in our artworks list. Submitted works are accompanied by two arrows up, received pieces with two arrows down and artworks accepted by a second user with a green check.

Search information about shared artworks

You can perform advanced searches to check with whom or from whom we have received information about an artwork. For example, you can include a particular user if you know its origin or all users to view the information in the list.


You can also consult this information by individually accessing the complete file of the artwork.


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