The 'Clients' submenu includes a list of all those contacts who have made a purchase. In this way, when you record a sale in the system, ITGallery will automatically convert that contact into a client.*

* Remember that a contact is any person or business you want to access from your ITGallery account because their information is relevant to you. In contrast, a client is a contact who has made a purchase.

Advanced clients search

Make use of the advanced search to find clients quickly, using more specific criteria related to their purchases. For doing so:
  1. Click on the 'Advanced Search' button at the top left of the clients' list
  2. Fill in the fields you want; you
    can combine as many as you need
  3. Click on 'Search'.*
* Remember that you can filter for more than one artist in the 'Artist' field.
What is the difference between 'Amount' (minimum and maximum) and 'Purchases' (minimum and maximum)?

'Amount' refers to the total amount of money that the client spent on the purchase; 'Purchases' refers to the total number of artworks that the client has bought (for example: if he buys one artwork, it counts as one purchase, etc.).

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