Importing subscribers to Sendy

There are two ways to import new subscribers into your subscriber list directly:

  1. In bulk, by importing through a .CSV file
  2. Individually with each data subscriber

Importing contacts in bulk

  1. Access the desired list to import your contacts
  2. Select "Add subscribers".
  3. Within this option, go to "select file" and upload the .CSV file that contains your contacts.*

*Remember that the format should include only a first column with their name and a second one with their email.

Follow these steps to create a .CSV file with this format:

  • Create an Excel with two columns: the first one will contain the contact name and surname and the second one their email. Remember to include the headings: 'Name' and 'Email' before the data
  • Once completed, save it and export it as .CSV format.

Importing contacts individually

  1. Enter the data of each subscriber in the following format: Name Surname, contact email For instance: Eddie Hall,
  2. Remember that you can only introduce one contact per line

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