Offline mode

Offline mode functioning
Offline mode settings

Offline mode functioning

The ITGallery App also works without an Internet connection in IOS devices (iPhone y iPad).

So, if you are offline, do not worry! Offline mode allows you always to carry your catalogue, as well as the information regarding your contacts, artists and exhibitions.

With the offline mode, you will be able to view your collection and sort it according to your criteria, apply searches, check prices, show exhibitions, create and share PDF documents and record new contacts.*

* Remember: all new information recorded under the offline mode will be automatically updated to your ITGallery account once you have data or Wifi.

Offline mode settings

The ITGallery App allows you to select how your data will be downloaded; that is, how your account information is synchronized with the App so that you can access it when you have no connection. For doing so:

'Settings' > 'Offline mode' > 'Deactivated'/ 'Wifi'/ 'Wifi and mobile plan'*

*Tip: s elect the 'Wifi' option when the volume of information that you have recorded in your system is substantial; this way, you won't consume a large amount of mobile data.

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