Group contacts

Group contacts based on the criteria of your choice. Use this feature to optimize your workflow and have a better segment for your contacts. For instance, you can group your contacts based on their artistic interests, their level of relevance to the gallery, the organization or company they belong to, etc.

  1. Within 'List', select those contacts that you want to group under the same criteria
  2. Click on 'Tools', in the upper right corner of the list, and select the option 'Create group'
  3. Write the name of the new group and, finally, click on 'Save'.*

*Remember that you can also add contacts to an already existing group:
List > Select contacts to add > Tools > Add to group
Can I remove contacts from a group?

Yes, to do so:
Groups > Select contacts to delete > Tools > Delete from group*

*Remember that by doing it, you will remove the contact from the group, but it will remain available in your contact list.

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