Related contacts

Make use of this tool to relate two or more of your contacts by their relationships (i.e. family, company, friend).

How can I add a related contact?
  1. Within 'List', select the contact you want to edit and access their record
  2. Go to the 'Related contacts' tab and click on 'Add related contact'
  3. Search and select an existing contact to relate with the contact
  4. Indicate if it is a mutual relationship by checking the box that indicates so. This will create an inverse relationship, and the connection will appear on both contact records
  5. You can add a descriptive note that explains the connection between those contacts.
  6. Finally, click on 'Save'.*

* Tip: use this field to later filter your contacts more easily in searches. For example, find that contact whose name you don't remember, but who was introduced to you by a very close collector.

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