Artworks' tags

Tags are flexible fields that you might use for entering complementary data to your artwork.*

Make use of tags for categorizing artworks according to your necessities' specific criteria. For instance, you can classify your artworks by historical periods, themes, artistic styles, etc.

* Remember that you cand add as many tags as you need, what will allow you to make more precise searches of your artworks or even create groups based on specific criteria.
Use the nomenclature and tag length that best suits your needs, but
REMEMBER that to separate words from the same tag you must use the space bar or any other spelling sign other than the comma
-the comma serves to separate tags-.
For example: 'Portrait B&W', 'Portrait-B&W', 'B&W Portrait'
Artworks' tags options

You can add a tag when creating an artwork, in the 'Tags' field or edit an already existent one. You could also add tags from My Gallery > Configuration > Artworks tags*

* Tip: make use of this function to check the tags that you are using.

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