Can I upload more than one image per artwork?

Yes, ITGallery allows to upload multiple images per artwork: each artwork has its main image; once created the artwork with its main image, you can upload as many images as you need of the same artwork.*

Uploading multiple pictures of the same artwork will allow you to visualize them, afterwards, in different ITGallery functions:

  • PDF Documents: Export to PDF/Word > Images > Show all the images > Export
  • Showrooms: New/Edit showroom > Show all the images > Yes > New/Save showroom
  • App: you will have access to all the different images of an artwork from ITGallery's App
* Tip: upload multiple pictures of the same artwork when you want to appreciate its different points of view as well as its details.
How can I upload more than one image per artwork?
  1. Create an artwork and upload an image for it
  2. Under 'Artworks', go to the 'artwork's file' where you want to upload additional images
  3. Under the 'Images' tab, click on 'Add more images' and pick up all those you want from your files
  4. Lastly, click on 'Save images'.*

* Remember that, by default, the system will set as main image the one you uploaded when creating the artwork.

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