Adding associate documents to an artist

ITGallery allows you to store documents linked to your artist file to complete the available data. For instance: press notes, publications, invoices, etc.

Once saved up, you will access them through your ITGallery account or ITGallery App. You may use this function whenever you are not in the gallery and want to make a presentation to a collector.

For adding associated documents:

  1. Create an artist
  2. Go to the artist's file (by clicking on the artist's name) and, in the 'Documents' tab, click on 'Add document'
  3. Complete the field 'Document's name' and select the file. Lastly, click on 'Save'.*

* Tip: use this tag to enter all the data related to the artist that might be useful for internal gallery use, such as artist's CV or invoices with the production costs of an artwork.

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