Recording artist's data in different languages

Recording your artists' data in different languages will help you to, for instance, present this information to different collectors; synchronize their data with your multilingual webpage or even enable the software's access to users speaking various languages.

For doing so:

  1. Create the artist and enter the data in the system's native language
  2. In the module 'Artists', click on the 'Edit' button, that is the pencil-shaped icon, of the artist you need to modify
  3. Select the new language in which you want to record the data from the pulldown menu 'Select a language'*
  4. Lastly, fill the form in the new language and click on 'Save artist data'.

* Remember that when you select the new language, by default, the system will launch the following message: 'there is no data in the selected language for this item'.

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